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Let’s talk: HTGAWM Season One

Spoilers ahead!

I recently wrote a spoiler free version of this season but I had to revisit because there is far too much to talk about! So please, if you don’t want it ruined, do not read as we are getting into the spoilers….now!


FRANK! I mean, come on I have to talk about this one first! So Frank is some form of hit man? We know he does dirty deals and tricks for Annalise, that is no secret, but for him to actually kill Lila and stuff her in that water tank and completely get away with it shocked me.

For the most part I believed Sam did it because he had the most to lose. His wife and to be stuck with a child he didn’t want or plan. It made sense, and also if he had kept it somewhat secret about what happened with her it could’ve easily worked. I just never guessed that he could’ve hired someone to do the dirty work for him, or someone that close to all the main characters. Frank is a bit creepy, the way he talks to Laurel is strange and a bit over the top if I’m honest and their whole relationship I can’t really stand but overall he’s been quite a good character, sweet. I’m interested to see what will happen to him in the future.

Then there’s Rebecca, who’s apparently now dead? The question is who could’ve done it? And why? (I mean I know I’ve watched on since this) but still. I feel for Wes, he is a fantastic guy and to be played around like this by his friends and classmates and even teachers is horrible to watch. He definitely doesn’t deserve it and definitely deserved a girlfriend better than Rebecca (the way she spoke to him when it was just the two of them in the basement had my blood boiling!)


And finally, we need to talk about what next, what will happen to these characters? I especially feel sorry for Connor, with all his boyfriend problems when he is clearly in love with him how is he going to deal with all that? And will Asher ever get to really be a part of the team?

This season was utterly fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens in later seasons. The twists and turns kept me on my feet the whole way through and every single piece went together to form a perfect puzzle. I cannot praise this show’s creators enough because everything they’ve done is ridiculously fantastic.

What did you think of season one?

Until next time.

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