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Luther Season Two Review

Luther is back and is once again ridding the streets of crime in his own unorthodox way! The difference between this season and the first? This one throws you right into the story and so, let’s get to it!


This time round there is a man, a man who hangs around for all four episodes, and he is torturing/killing/abusing people around London in a variety of different ways. What is different about this criminal however is that all his decisions are made on a roll of a dice. However the dice lands decides the fate of the people around him. Some have their cars beaten and stolen, others have acid squirted in their face from a water gun, and one even has his head smashed in by a hammer in broad daylight in a traffic jam! Yep, that happens.

But there’s a twist. In fact it isn’t just one man but two, twins, who are competing against each other. It’s like all those violent video games that your mum warned you about have become real and are terrorising the streets.


I thoroughly enjoyed this season and found it honestly quite difficult to watch at some point. Especially the hammer car scene. The music and the honest brutality of it all was very disturbing. I also enjoyed this new type of killer. One who just does it because he doesn’t care. He has no connection to his victims and no remorse for his crimes it’s a very scary thought. What would happen if this was real? Well, it could easily be compared to stories that have arisen about acid attacks and strangers killing strangers.

I definitely think this season was better than the first because you didn’t have to get the audience to understand the characters they were watching. We knew them already so nothing had to be too in your face or exposition-ry. It was all about the case and trying to end it and I really enjoyed that.

As the seasons are progressing it seems Luther is getting better and better and I can’t to see what season three holds.

What did you think of season two?

Until next time.


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