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The Bourne Identity Review

Oh my god, it’s Jason Bourne!

You’ve got to think this is kind of one of the early action films that everyone knows. Think it on par with Mission Impossible and James Bond. An action hero, a powerful storm that is impossible to stop. My opinion? Eh.

I wasn’t all that impressed.


Jason Bourne wakes up on a fishing boat without a clue who he is. He has amnesia and overtime finds clues as to his real identity, which include a copious amount of passports all with different identities. It turns out he is being pursued by men who wish to kill him and he takes on the assistance of a German woman who unwillingly helps him on his quest. It turns out Bourne was an assassin himself and was set to kill a man but could not do it. Thus he needed to be killed. But come on, obviously the ending is a happy one and that is why we now have so many sequels.

Maybe it’s because this movie is so old but i found it very boring and too similar to every other action movie. The same hot girl, the same secret organisation, the same car chases and the same use of far too many guns and not enough actual fights.

Maybe if I watched it when it first came out (and I was seven) I would find it more enjoyable and not so cliche but at this age I am done with it. It was worth a watch but to make the choice to actively sit through all the sequels and waste hours of my life is a choice I am not willing to make.


Think I’ll just carry on saying ‘Matt Damon’ like they did in Team America.

What do you think of Jason Bourne?

Until next time.




  1. Wow, I couldn’t disagree more..! The Bourne series are great films in my opinion (even The Bourne Legacy has its moments)
    It only seems cliche now because every action film since has copied its style. This one blazed the trail for John Wick, Taken, all of Daniel Craig’s Bonds and many many others. Fair enough if you don’t like it but if you look at its place in the evolution of action films it’s an important milestone 😊


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