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How To Get Away With Murder Season Two Review

Major Spoilers Ahead.

I mean, to start, I kind of feel this season wasn’t as good as the first but then I wasn’t expecting the twists in the first season. I definitely believe if I went into this season just as blind to the concept of the show as I was the first time around I would’ve been much more excited.


Season two begins with the murder of Rebecca and Wes’ determination to find out what happened to her while Frank, Annalise and Bonnie try to cover it up. The overhanging storyline is two (not related) siblings are on trial for murdering their adoptive parents and Annalise must help them. Along the way people get blackmailed, killed and Annalise herself even gets shot and is on death’s door. It’s very tense.

 We also learn more about Wes and his upbringing and how he got to where he is today. It’s very interesting and features some very surprising characters. I’m still not over his mother’s death.


This season was just as fantastic as the first and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although, I couldn’t help but try to find red herrings and twists within the storyline instead of just sitting back and enjoying it fully.

Watching these characters grow and change is so fascinating and I honestly haven’t felt this connected to a group of people in a TV show since the early days of Pretty Little Liars. I would happily watch these people and their lives for hours on end and not get bored.

While season one was the shocker season two is the one where you get to go more in-depth into these characters and learn more about them as individuals. It’s incredibly fun and I still thoroughly enjoy the little court cases they get up to too.

This is still one of the best TV shows I have watched in a long time. 

What did you think of season two?

Until next time.


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