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The Snowman Review

I’ll be honest, this movie got ridiculously bad press and everyone seemed to hate it, so of course I had to see it and honestly, it wasn’t that bad.


The Snowman follows a detective who is being tormented by a serial killer who kills women and has the insignia of a snowman. It’s a cat and mouse tale until finally the killer is revealed and dun, dun, dun, it’s someone we all know very well as an audience (I won’t give it away because that’s rude).

This movie was…odd. The story was pretty basic and it was an easy tale to follow where not much happened. The murders were gruesome (often off screen though so more of a ‘use your imagination’ moment), the dialogue was trivial at best and the acting was ok. Not good, just ok.


The killer however, I mean we meet them in the first five minutes and their reasoning for the killings becomes very apparent very quickly but I don’t see it as very justified. It was a shaky foundation from start to finish and in the end things just kind of ended. Where was the grittiness? The realism? The fight to the death standoff ending? It was underwhelming to say the least and far too predictable. 

I don’t believe this movie deserved all the bad press it got but at the same time I don’t believe it’s an absolutely brilliant film either. It was ok but very forgettable and boring and not one I would sit through again. 

I am intrigued in the book though, maybe the storyline was more exciting there? Book to film adaptations always leave out the best bits don’t they? 

What did you think of The Snowman?

Until next time.


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