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Lucifer Season Two Review

Lucifer’s mum is here! How exciting.


This season continues with the will they won’t they between Lucifer and Detective Decker but another element is added in the form of Lucifer’s mum and how she wants to return her family to heaven where they belong. While some are all for this plan Lucifer is not as, well, he’s had his wings literally cut off and he has formed friendships and a life down on Earth. So his mum, embodied in a woman called Charlotte, must learn to also live on Earth until she can be returned to her rightful place once again.

This season was fun. Charlotte was a really great character and the characters we knew and loved from the first season just grew more enjoyable to watch. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman but I was far too invested in the Lucifer/Decker side of things and it made my heart happy to see them happy. Especially seeing as Lucifer wants to stay on Earth.


But I think the part I enjoy most from this show are the little crimes they have to solve each episode. They’re so interesting and so different to any other crime drama I have watched. Yes it’s the simple rogue cop that doesn’t follow the rules thing again but this time with the literal devil that enjoys parties, and sex, and alcohol far too much.

Although season one was the one that opened up my eyes to all these characters and storylines season two was just as interesting and kept me intrigued from start to finish.

What did you think of Lucifer season two?

Until next time.



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