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How To Get Away With Murder Season Three Review

Major spoilers ahead

This season blew me away! From the get go it was absolutely fantastic and the twists and turns the story takes you on are ridiculous! 


There’s obviously the standard story, who cares about that? The overhanging storyline however is Annalise’s house has been burnt down and someone has died. Who is that?

Well, and I did warn you about spoilers, it was Wes and I was devastated. I have come to love every single one of these characters and to know that one of them is dead was horrific. I kind of hoped it was Asher (he’s my least favourite) but to have to say goodbye to Wes in such a terrible way and to know that Laurel is pregnant with his baby is such a hard watch!

And then there’s Frank. Frank is an evil sweetheart let’s be honest and seeing him in a different light in the season, as the killer that he really is, was absolutely fascinating and I hope we get to see more characters like him in the future.


But let’s talk that ending. I know we shouldn’t cut straight to the end but it was the most interesting part. Laurel’s father, Wes’ kid’s grandfather had a hand in his murder! And the explosion of the home! I can’t believe it. This is the only season where the last episode made me scream at the TV and hunt for theories and the date of season four’s release. It was such a shocker and although all the seasons have been crazy this was the one that shocked me the most. I want to know ASAP what happens with Laurel and her baby, what happens when she finds out what her father did, and how the group will go on knowing all we know. 

This show is absolutely phenomenal and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do. 

What was the bit that shocked you most from season three?

Until next time.


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