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Luther Season Three Review

So this season went full ‘Halloween’ on us.


Luther is once again after a crazed serial killer but this one likes to break into people’s homes and dress up the female victims in outfits with masks and steal their shoes. It’s a very strange tale that even ends up with Luther being a suspect himself! Still, it doesn’t hold a candle to season 2.

This one definitely felt very horror-esque and weird. It was like they were trying a new strategy and for the most part it worked but then it was a bit too new for the show itself. I enjoyed it, believe me, I love all things horror and serial killer and crime but it felt a bit comical and too fictional. I liked the gritty realism of the first two seasons and this one just seemed to go off on a bit of a tangent.


I get Luther’s not real, obviously, but when you’re watching a copper go around London catching killers you want more Crimewatch and less Nightmare on Elm Street. The worst part of this season, the awful sound cues that were clearly only there to make the audience jump. If you make the imagery on screen scary enough you won’t need that BBC!

I enjoyed this season but not as much as the others. Saying that though I do still recommend it but maybe check out the others first. Especially as there’s a lot of character development within this one that you may not understand if you haven’t watched before.

What did you think of Luther season three?

Until next time.


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