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Clueless Review

Who knew that Clueless was based off Emma by Jane Austin?!


Clueless is a teenage comedy movie about a girl called Cher who is incredibly popular and makes friends with the new girl Tai as her little project. Throughout the movie we see Tai change from the grungy sort of hipster girl to a preppy, pretty girl and everything in between. While she is learning who she really wants to be Cher is too especially with her step-brother, Josh, who she ends up falling in love with – but don’t worry, they’re not related (nope still creeps me out).

It’s a proper 90s movie full of old cell phones, awful catchphrases, hilariously weird over the top acting and just a great story overall. It’s the sort of movie any young girl or young adult would enjoy and definitely has a lot of nostalgia going for it as well.


I really enjoy this movie. Yes it’s not the deepest of storylines but seeing these people grow and change throughout it and getting to stare at Paul Rudd’s face makes up for all the weird little moments. It’s definitely nothing to look up to though, from the cliques to the creepy guys and the ever pressing need to fit in it’s definitely a toxic environment.

But if you look at it aren’t all young coming-of-age movies? It’s always about a girl chasing a guy and how he gets a girlfriend or has some other thing going on (in this instance he’s gay) and she can’t have him but in the end she either ends up with him or someone even better. It’s textbook. And very cliche. Won’t stop me watching though.

Clueless is the perfect film to watch with your friends over pizza and a good gossip. It’s not brilliant but it is definitely one to be enjoyed.

What do you think of Clueless?

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