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Cornetto Trilogy Master-Post

Is there a better trilogy of movies than these three? I say no! As we all know, Edgar Wright is my favourite director and so I thought to give you the best evening of movies ever I would group my three Cornetto trilogy movie reviews for you to enjoy and compare with your own opinions. 


Shaun of the Dead

If you love horror comedies with a British twist this will be perfect for you! With homages to classic horror movies you’ll have hours of fun watching this again and again and finding even more randomly hidden easter eggs.


Hot Fuzz

A small village, a new cop, and a terrible conspiracy of murder and the best village competition. If you like murder mysteries you’ll love this one. Look out for the swan!


The World’s End

A pub crawl gone wrong! What would you do if your hometown was invaded by aliens? Who can you really trust? Don’t worry, it sounds sinister but the good old comedy is in there too! 

Which cornetto movie is your favourite?

Until next time.



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