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J K Rowling: A Word?

Let me start by saying J K Rowling was an absolute hero when I was a child. Growing up I adored Harry Potter and still have my time turner I was given when I was about 7. I went to the Harry Potter studios for my 18th birthday and always reference the books and movies in day to day life. That being said, I feel I have the right to say why I am no longer a fan of J K Rowling and how she has spat on my childhood and everything I ever thought of her. No longer is she my inspiration, and here’s why.


Firstly, let’s start with The Cursed Child. I was ridiculously excited to read the book as I knew I could never afford tickets (back to that in a moment). I got the book in hardback and quickly got to reading it and to this day it sits in my drawer unfinished. 

And before you say anything. I know it’s a script. I wrote scripts at university. I read plenty of scripts through drama studies so I know it’s not the same as the book. But I found the story very flat. It was very childish and lacked depth. There were parts where I wondered how they would make it work on stage and this intrigued me but reading it was just boring. It did not have the same magic the original books had. The story was ridiculously simple and something I felt I had read a thousand times before (just in a different style), the characters were just there, we never really got to know them, and it just dragged. I wondered to myself. Rowling, what’s happened? All this magic and creativity and excitement you used to fill your pages with, where’s that gone? 

Maybe it’s in the actual show. I haven’t seen the Cursed Child and that’s for one very good reason: I can’t afford it. This world of Harry Potter is huge and so obviously people are going to pay top dollar to be able to indulge in their love but the price was and still is ridiculous! The queues to get tickets are ridiculous and I definitely don’t think it’s worth it. Surely everyone deserves the chance to see this installment? I get you can try for cheaper tickets but that’s almost like giving people false hope.

When the books first came out I queued for hours at midnight dressed up as a witch to get my hands on one. I saw people lining the streets reading under street lamps just to start the next adventure. There was none of this anymore just a poof of ‘oh, the new book’s out’. What happened to the excitement?


And then there’s Fantastic Beasts. I’ll admit it, I went to see the first movie and it was fantastic, it wasn’t Harry Potter but it was fun and intriguing and definitely more childish so better suited for a new and fresh faced audience. 

But casting Johnny Depp?

That. I can’t forgive that.

There is an abundance of actors and you chose him? The one guy who has been in and out of the press for being an absolute sleeze ball and an abuser and you think it’s ok to have him as basically the lead actor? The movie is his character’s name for God’s sake! How is this ok? 

And to make it worse from the few movies I have sadly sat through with Johnny Depp as an actor in them he is incredibly boring. It almost seems like cockiness to me ‘Oh I’m Johnny Depp and I’m a big star and I’m going to get paid either way so who cares’. There are so many amazing, inspiring actors out there you could’ve gone for and you chose that? Sorry but I do not want to pay my money to watch an abuser mumble through his lines for two hours on the big screen.

 And finally, it all seems like a cash grab. Like a ‘oh Harry Potter was huge how can we beat this dead horse some more?’ the original movies were utterly fantastic why did you have to ruin it by trying to continue the franchise? It’s going to be a classic no matter how you look at it and it will always bring money in, you don’t need to keep pedaling new toys and merchandise and movies and plays to keep the money flowing. I am sick to death of Harry Potter now and that is a sentence I never thought I’d say. It was a huge part of my life and now it’s become something it isn’t and I hate it.

Take away your boring actors, take away your overpriced shows and leave me be with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

And the worst part about it all? All of these things I’ve just complained about will do fantastically because people are too optimistic with their rose tinted glasses and nostalgia to realise how wrong this all is.

Rant over.


  1. I’m with you on this, and it’s such a shame! OK, I didn’t actually hate Cursed Child – but the Johnny Depp thing I’ll find hard to get over (aside from the whole abuse thing, I can’t even remember the last time he was actually ‘good’ in a movie but I reckon it’s been 15 years!?) and she just seems like an actual nightmare with the way she talks to people on twitter etc.
    I feel sad for myself that I can’t get excited about the new releases the way I know I would have done a few years ago! x


  2. I’m sooooo with you on this.

    What I find so laughable about Rowling is that she claims to be a proud feminist but then is happy to cast Depp in her movie. She also claims to be a proud ally of the LGBT community but didn’t state that Dumbledore was gay until AFTER the franchise was finished and the romance between him and Grindewald won’t be covered in the new film? Yeah…she only cares about $$$$ these days in my opinion.


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