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Perfect Night In Movies

This post is in collaboration with Panasonic.

Now the snow is finally behind us (I hope) now’s the time to get out there and enjoy days with family and friends. But what do you do when the cold nights start creeping in again and that spring BBQ just won’t keep you warm anymore? Well, I suggest: get a blanket, your friends, some snacks and snuggle around your 4KTV Panasonic and watch some good comfort movies!

Now everyone is different but I am here to tell you my favourites. If you enjoy them let me know and if you haven’t seen any I definitely recommend you give them a watch!

A girly night in:


So you’ve got your girl-friends, you’ve got your takeaway and you’re ready for a gossip, but what to watch? My top films when I have my friends over definitely have to be some cute chick flicks or a soppy coming of age movie.

My top pick is Mean Girls. If you haven’t seen Mean Girls you have to watch it now! It’s an absolutely fantastic movie for men and women alike and will have you quoting it in no time. It’s a brilliant story of a girl called Cady who joins a new school and decides to sabotage a group of girls called The Plastics with her new found friends Damien and Janice. But remember: just because you make someone worse doesn’t automatically mean you become better. My other top films have to be Perks of Being a Wallflower and Clueless.

A night of laughter:


Nothing is better than having a good comedy sesh with your besties. I love comedy movies but there are three that I always go back to, a trilogy if you will, the cornetto trilogy. These movies each follow their own stories:

Shaun of the Dead is about zombies and parodies zombie movies brilliantly.

Hot Fuzz is about a London cop who is transferred to a small village who at first believes nothing ever happens there but soon gruesome murders uncover a huge secret.

And At World’s End. A group of friends go for a pub crawl in their old home town that they failed to complete when they were younger. But as they return they realise things have changed and the town they once knew so well is now something beyond their wildest dreams.

What I love about the cornetto trilogy is that each movie has its own story but all follow the same sort of style. They’re all incredibly funny and mix well with the other genres they jump into, be it horror or action or sci-fi. These movies may be old but they hold up brilliantly and I cannot recommend them enough.

And finally, my favourite movies for a night in: Horrors!


I adore horror movies but some may not so I’m giving you two to pick from.

Firstly, IT. IT is a horror movie but follows the children more than the monster so makes for a brilliant coming of age, comedy style film too. Yes there are plenty of jump scares and horrifying moments but the group’s dynamic makes it a very fun and entertaining watch even if you aren’t the biggest fan of horror movies. I believe everyone should give this movie a shot and, hey, it’s great for a little Netflix and Chill too if you get what I mean ‘oh no…I’m scared…hold me’

The second horror movie I recommend is Paranormal Activity. Yes it’s a bit lame and not the scariest but the tension and the fact it is based in a “normal” home with “normal” people makes it all the scarier especially when you have to go to the bathroom after, alone, and down a dark corridor. It may not be your first choice but it’s definitely a fun one to watch with friends especially if you don’t want to spend too much time actually watching and more time gossiping and having a laugh. Just check for demons underneath your bed before you go to sleep ok?

What are your favourite movies to watch with friends?

Until next time.



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