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Peter Rabbit Review

Right let’s start!

  1. Peter Rabbit was a big part of my childhood and this Peter just looked like an idiot and kind of made fun of everything we held near and dear to our hearts.
  2. James Corden is everywhere at the moment and honestly I’m getting pretty sick of him. It’s like he’s doing a Monopoly on movie parts!
  3. I went into this movie thinking, eh it’ll be ok, I came out however thinking, well that went a lot better than expected.

To the review!


Peter Rabbit is the old story of Peter who is, surprisingly, a rabbit and lives in an area where there seems to be only two houses. One owned by Bea, obviously Beatrix Potter, and the other owned by Mr McGregor (there’s two of them but one dies early on so that doesn’t really matter) Mr McGregor has an allotment on his land where he grows all sorts of fruits and vegetables and things rabbits love to eat. But he hates the rabbits and the rabbits hate him back wanting to be able to eat the delicious feast that is laid out in front of them. Thus begins a big scuffle between McGregor and the rabbits where they use his own traps against him and he tries to blow them up. But of course, it’s a kids movie, and everything works out in the end. Hurrah.

I don’t remember the original Peter Rabbit being such a douche. He was always pretty loveable but maybe I just read him wrong. In this he is the leader of his family, as his parents were both killed by the original Mr McGregor, and he obviously wants to avenge them and give his sisters and cousin the best life they could have. It’s quite a sweet story really, simplistic, and likes to take the mick out of older children’s movies in the process.


The story is easy to follow for any age really but does have some very funny moments for the adults as well as the kids. It came to the blueberry scene where everyone was a bit up in arms about and it lasted barely two minutes and old McGregor was fine! I mean the whole time the rabbits basically want to kill him. That’s the premise. They killed the original why can’t they kill this one? It’s a bit over the top but I don’t see why people got annoyed at the blueberry allergy when they literally electrocute him and whack him round the face many times with garden equipment! Most of this movie is slapstick pain yet people get up in arms about one moment? Ridiculous to me.

The animation held up well and the acting between the characters and the CGI bunnies didn’t look too out of place. They looked very cute I will admit, even if some moments were strange and didn’t make much sense (how did two rabbits make it all the way to London from the countryside?!).

I do recommend this movie. It was a lot better than I expected but don’t expect anything amazing. It has a good storyline, good acting, and a nice ending but it’s very childish at points and will make you wonder how they made an hour and a half movie feel so long.

What did you think of Peter Rabbit?

Until next time.


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