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Bright Review

I’ll be honest from the get go, yes this movie was on the nose about it’s morals, yes it was a pretty much back and forth talkative comedy, but did it deserve all the bad press it got? No, definitely not. 


Does it deserve a sequel though? No, definitely not. 

Bright is set in a different land…

Right, no, stop there.

It’s basically World Of Warcraft in present day. Simple.

Will Smith is a cop and has a colleague he works with on crimes that is a orc. Orc’s aren’t supposed to be cops, it’s wrong and cops are biased towards orcs and hurting them and killing them etc just because they’re in gangs and look different (are you getting the subtle racism parallels here too?)

Scott (Will) and Nick (Orc) are working together having hilarious banter in their cop car and dealing with bad guys. There’s sarcasm in that sentence by the way. Until they stumble upon an elf who has an old relic (some form of wand thing) that other people want to use to bring back a dark lord.

And from then on it gets a bit weird and I shut off.


The issue with this movie is I felt it had potential. It was interesting to begin with and wasn’t too obvious what it was trying to shove down your throat but once we started talking relics and evil beings I lost caring. I liked the relationship between Scott and Nick and I would’ve loved that to have gone further into the Orc history and give some form of resolution in how the cops and the Orcs can work together. Give the audience guidance and a parallel to the real world that isn’t so bleak or obvious. But instead we go from one crazy storyline to another and I couldn’t care less.

This movie was hated by a lot of people and I get it but at the same time I did enjoy parts and was just disappointed by the ending. Would I recommend it? I’d say yes but mainly so you can make up your own mind about it, I have friends who absolutely love this film.

Don’t listen to the overbearing disgust from critics and instead form your own opinions. I mean, I didn’t enjoy Black Panther and people seem to love that!

What did you think of Bright? 

Until next time.



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