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Gerald’s Game Review

So, is this the realistic, demonic version of Fifty Shades of Grey? Your safe word won’t help you here darling.


Gerald’s Game is a film adapted from the book by Stephen King. It follows a couple who go for a weekend away to a secluded cabin and decide to get a bit kinky. It turns out the husband, Gerald, has quite a few problems in the bedroom (including dark fantasies and the fact he has to take pill enhancers). His wife, Jessie, accepts his ways but finds it troubling due to her past of abuse. 

During one of their sex games Gerald suffers a heart attack and dies leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed. Time starts to tick by as Jessie begins to lose her mind and realises she either has to get out or die there still tied to the bed.

This movie is a lot about the characters, their relationship, their pasts and what has brought them together. It’s incredibly interesting but does involve a lot of talking. This isn’t a movie to just shove on in the background and let play, you need to watch it and engage otherwise you’ll miss most of the real life horrors shown to you.


 Apart from some gorey moments and the obviously horrific stories being told this movie isn’t that scary. More psychological and really makes you connect with the characters.

The one part I hated though was the ending, I won’t give anything away but it just felt completely separate to the story we had been watching and didn’t seem to add anything. Maybe it made more sense in the book but to me it looked like an add-on that was used to pad the runtime. 

Would I watch this movie again? Not alone no but I do think it’d be something interesting to watch with friends especially if it’s their first time viewing. It’s certainly a different sub-genre of horror that I am open to exploring more. 

What did you think of Gerald’s Game?

Until next time.

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