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Russell Howard: Recalibrate Review

I love Russell Howard. He is one of my favourite comedians so finding new stand up from him on Netflix was great. Overall too this show was great but it did fall short at certain parts…


What I love about Russell is he talks about serious matters and makes them funny. Stuff like the NHS and Brexit are mixed in with quips about Love Island and his family and it is all very refreshing. It’s also great to find a guy who has such a positive outlook on life and is able to brighten your day. I know comedians are supposed to make you laugh but Russell does more than just that, he leaves you with a satisfied warm feeling in your belly too.

But, as I said, he did have his off moments. I have been watching Russell Howard for many years. From his Mock the Week days to his Good News show on BBC 3 and I have come to realise that he often reuses the same jokes. He did this again in this show but changed it slightly as if it were ‘new’. I’m not a fan of this. Yes I know real life is utterly dull but when you’re retelling jokes I first heard say 5 years ago it makes you question whether you’ll continue to watch their shows. Yes they’re stuff is funny but when it’s all been done before do I really care? I’d rather wait longer between stand up shows then listen to the same thing again and again and again.

The things Russell comes out with are a bit questionable in this one (he talks about kids and porn and cannabis just to name a few) and you could tell even the audience found it weird. Maybe it’s his new style who knows? All I know is I enjoy Russell and this was good, but wasn’t his best.


Overall this stand up show is great and will make you laugh out loud even when you’re alone. 

I definitely recommend giving it a watch especially to perk yourself up a bit, but if you want my opinion, Dingledodies will always be my favourite from him. 

What did you think of Recalibrated?

Until next time.


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