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Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted Review

Why is it with all these shows showing off young millionaires they only ever show off Youtubers and influencers? What happened to young people having ‘normal’ jobs?


 Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted is a show that I stumbled upon on BBC iPlayer and I couldn’t not watch it (I find these types of shows weirdly addictive). There are three episodes and we meet new people in each (while some hang around for all three) who are young entrepreneurs who are making millions.

 Two of the overhanging stars are Daniel ‘The Gonth’ Gonthier who is a FIFA Youtuber and owns a pretty cool sports car and Erin Budina a young woman who owns her own line of fake lashes and wants to make £10 million by her 30s. 

I’ll be honest, both of these people are pretty shocking. What I found most shocking was Erin who spent £10k on her bum (because they’re so fashionable these days) and often has botox and lip fillers to keep up the look that brands want. No offence but I found her incredibly fake. She seemed very money hungry and while I’m all for empowered women I found her to be a bit too OTT. 

The one who stood out to me most was the young woman who wanted to become a race car driver and was building her own custom car. She was inspiring and had real goals and ambitions. She was also very, very into what she was doing. Unlike Erin who seemed almost annoyed that she was doing a billboard for Manchester instead of Times Square.


What I hate about these types of shows is that they only really focus on the lucky ones, the Youtubers, the influencers, the ones who made it big without much talent. Yes you need to know how to play the game and grow an audience etc. but you don’t need a degree for that do you? Or even any school education. I revel in people like doctors and lawyers and teachers, people who have spent time and effort to be where they are now and are adding something to the world, something that makes a difference, not someone who puts on his camera and films a quick video for his fans and makes thousands (and before you come at me I have had a Youtube account before and uploaded videos so I know what it takes. The only reason I gave it up was because my internet was too slow to deal with the uploads). 

I also think about what this may do to young minds. The younger generation now idolize these ‘normal’ people and want to be like them instead of going out and getting jobs that really mean something. Gone are the days of wishing to be vets and hairdressers and pilots. No, nowadays people want to be self employed, make millions and sit around and eat pizza and watch Christmas movies like Zoella. It seems like an easy life. It does worry me, I mean, Youtube videos aren’t going to grow our crops or milk our cows are they? I feel people need to be shown jobs that are fantastic and do good in the world. Show the good side of the NHS while we’re told it’s ‘in crisis’ show us the good politicians, the ones who want to make a difference to the country we live in.

We don’t need more ‘internet celebrities’ shouting at a camera and making a fool of themselves like Logan Paul. We need hard workers that’ll make a difference and we need to show people why they should aspire to that.

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted. It’s a show, it’s not great but it’s not bad. It just is. Just please aspire to be something better than an ‘internet celebrity’.

Thank you.

Until next time.


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