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The DUFF Review

I’ll be honest, this is a terrible teen movie, hardly holds a candle to the likes of Clueless and Mean Girls. But, to be honest, I really enjoyed it!


DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend and that is what Bianca is. But Bianca wants to be this no more and realises the only way she can escape her designated friendship status is by teaming up with her classmate and neighbour, Wesley, an idiot who is failing his classes but is top in the social spectrum and on the football field. So they strike up a deal, Wesley will make her hot and Bianca will help him pass his classes.

But then the mean girls of the school get wind and start making fun of Bianca. She has also lost her only two friends because she believes they are only using her and her crush turns out to not actually be interested in her but her friends (this is why in high school you don’t go for the boys, because they’re idiots!). In the end she realises there was only one boy for her and, pretends to be shocked, it was Wesley. And he too realises beyond the designated fat ugliness Bianca is actually a really nice girl and maybe we shouldn’t judge on appearance alone.


This is a newer young adult movie but it has all the same tropes as the originals so I think that’s what reeled me in, in the first place. It has an easy enough storyline to follow and those good old cliches. Oh and Robbie Amell. I mean, how can you not adore him?

But anyway, heart eyes aside, this is quite a fun movie. I can imagine if I was a teenager now I would definitely enjoy this movie, though deny that I could ever be the DUFF (I was definitely at times the DUFF). Yes it’s a bit of a dumb movie but I definitely believe if you’re still in high school you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

I would probably make my friends watch it too just for all the bitchiness and mean girl moments that we can cringe at and critique. It may not be the best young adult chick flick out there but I definitely enjoyed it and if you really give it a go, you could too.

What do you think of The DUFF?

Until next time.


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