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BBQ Pitmasters Review

This is definitely one of those shows you find randomly on Netflix and start watching with no reason as to why you’re watching it. The only thing is, you can’t stop.


BBQ Pitmasters is a competiton show where top BBQ-ers from America compete to create the best BBQ for their state. This includes a huge amount of meat and lots and lots of woodfire.

It’s pretty simple really and you don’t really get much depth. To be honest, each cook BBQ’s their meat almost exactly the same with the same flavourings each time (a lot of apple juice surprisingly!).

It’s a very simple show but if you’re into meat like some people are you’ll love it. Seeing how different cooks treat their food is pretty special and definitely gets you excited for summer and all the BBQing you’ll be getting up to then.


This is definitely not a show for non-meat eaters. It’s very out there and the way they talk about the membrane on ribs even made me feel a bit squeamish.

I wouldn’t really recommend this show. It’s a bit random in all honesty, but if you’re looking for something new to watch when you’ve exhausted all other options it is an interesting little thing that you can dip in and out of and get some BBQ tips from.

What’s your favourite cooking TV show?

Until next time.

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