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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Spoilers ahead.

It’s been ten years. It felt like Christmas morning sitting in the cinema, nachos in hand ready to have my mind blown by Marvel once more. I was apprehensive, sure, but I was mostly proud that I hadn’t seen any spoilers in the run up to seeing it myself.

So was it good?



Infinity War is the big daddy of Avengers films and Thanos is definitely a big daddy. Ooo naughty. This movie brought together all the characters we know and love, and some we don’t love (looking at you Doctor Strange) and getting them to battle true evil (who actually had a very solid and clever, though horrible, game plan). It’s up to our heroes to save the day, and what I loved most? They didn’t.

I’m so sick of all those movies that create tension after tension but you know they’ll win because it’s the formula they’re following. This movie completely changed that and literally ‘killed off’ half of its cast. It was shocking to watch and honestly I felt numb. I didn’t cry, I didn’t react in any way really, it just shocked me. Absolutely fantastic.

What I loved about this movie was it didn’t feel too long and everything within it had a point. There wasn’t a second that I felt the movie was filling empty space. It all came together and seeing the different Avengers interact with one another was brilliant. I laughed, I didn’t shed a tear (but was close to), and I gasped. The best pairing was Thor with the Guardians, I didn’t expect them to be so comedic together but they all really bounced off one another.

The best part of this whole thing was how it didn’t disappoint. I was so hyped to see Justice League and it was a mess (I know you shouldn’t compare Marvel and DC but how can’t you?). Technically Justice League was DC’s version of the first Avengers movie and that’s ok, I’m not comparing it to Infinity War I’m just saying that this movie lived up to its hype whereas other movies I’ve watched definitely haven’t.


Although there were characters I hated going into the movie I came out adoring them all. They all played their parts in the film perfectly and watching them all grow together and become better heroes and better people was utterly fantastic. I can’t think of a better superhero movie.

This movie has had 10 years of build up. From all the other movies to the trailers and the merchandise it could’ve been a shambles. I was almost expecting it to be a bit sub-par if I’m honest but no, this movie blew me away and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I just hope it holds up as well.

And honestly, I believe Thanos was doing the right thing. Yes maybe he shouldn’t be killing off all these people but overpopulation is definitely a big thing and surely it’s not right for people to go hungry when they could be able to live happy lives if half the people just disappeared. Or did the whole ‘I’m dust’ thing that Voldemort did in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

But saying that, I’d definitely be killed off. It’s just my luck.

What did you think of Infinity War?

Until next time.

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