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The Punisher Review

I’m not an action movie fan. I also don’t enjoy blood and gore and violence if it’s unjust or just added in for the ‘shock factor’ but this movie, this movie I enjoyed. And that is definitely not something I expected.


The movie follows Frank Castle and his family. His family are brutally murdered on holiday around Frank and he promises to get revenge for it. He goes after the murderers and kills them in the bloodiest, most over the top fashion, but it’s brilliant.

The bad guys even send a man only known as the Russian to defeat Frank and even he, a very brawly scary guy, fails.


Alongside this there is the other storyline of how Frank has no friends and he lives in an apartment complex where his neighbours try to make friends with him. There even seems to be a romance but this is mainly just an add on, it’s not the part we really want to see. No we want to see the revenge. We want to see the Punisher become what he is. That side of the movie is amazing, the rest is good, I’ll give it that but not really that relevant.

If you haven’t seen this movie I definitely recommend it. It is a crazy film with lots of exciting twists and all the violence and gore that will keep you satisfied. This movie is not for the faint hearted, but me, a girl who enjoys psychological horrors and comedies really enjoyed it so don’t skip it just because it’s not your thing.

This may be my favourite Marvel film. Hmm…who’d have thought it?

Until next time.


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