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Miranda Review

Miranda is one my favourite sitcoms to come from British TV. She’s the reason I feel more comfortable to wear heels and stuff even though I am five foot ten. She helped me embrace my height and that we can be just as awesome as anyone else even if we are a little bit taller.


Miranda follows the story of Miranda a woman who owns a joke shop with her best friend Stevie and is reaching an older age, that age being thirty. She is single, with no kids and no real future plans and her mother hates that about her. So much so that, because she is very middle class, often lies about Miranda’s life to make it seem less tragic.

But then there’s Gary (the guy who plays Lucifer in Lucifer. Very weird and different roles!) Gary and Miranda have been friends for years and both secretly like each other but would never admit it. It’s very sweet to see how they’re friendship changes and how you just wish they’d get together already!

Over the seasons Miranda goes from simple shop worker, to nude model, to business women, to girlfriend and everything in between. It’s fun to watch and you know every episode is going to be different even with the overhanging storylines.


And hand on heart I do honestly find this very funny and have laughed aloud many times on my own in my bedroom watching it. It’s stupid humour but you also can’t help but feel for Miranda as she is the underdog and you do want her to do well.

This series may have ended some time ago but rewatching the episodes will easily bring a chuckle out of you. It’s a heartwarming, cuddly show and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a pick me up in the evening.

The best episode in my opinion is the one where Miranda and her mother go to visit a psychiatrist. If you’re going to watch any episode, watch that one!

What do you think of Miranda?

Until next time.


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