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The Naked Mile Review

Who doesn’t love a bit of old school cringe? Complete with too many breasts, crude humour, and flip cell phones. It’s American Pie: The Naked Mile!


I can’t believe this movie is the fifth installment of the franchise! And honestly, it’s still so good! I have enjoyed this movie ever since I was 15 and have watched almost all the others too (I’ll get to them all don’t you worry!).

The Naked Mile follows the first virgin Stifler (shocking I know) called Erik who is off to see his cousin Dwight at college where him and his friends will join in with The Naked Mile. A mile around campus, run naked, to apparently ‘blow off steam’ (and not to blow other things). Erik has been given a guilt free pass for the weekend that his friends are ready to take full advantage of. It’s time to become a fully-fledged Stifler (if you get what I mean).

This movie is ridiculous. There’s not really much point to it if you really think about it but it’s fun. It’s definitely a lads fantasy though. Big-breasted women walking around naked, frat parties and hooking up with random people, a girlfriend who’s ok with you going off and sleeping with said hot girls. And even the girls in the film are cool with it. One is all for her friend going off and sleeping with whoever and another purposefully hunts down virgins because that’s her kink. It’s weird. But it’s fun.


I really enjoy the American Pie movies as they all have something different to tell and it really does remind you of your younger days at house parties and university (though nothing is ever as crazy as what is shown in movies is it?). The American Pie movies are classics and even though it’s 5 movies into the franchise it still holds up strong with funny characters, funny humour and the craziest goings on.

I can’t recommend these movies enough. They’re brilliant to sit down and watch with your friends and cringe at all the awkwardness and laugh at all the things that reminded you of each other.

This is definitely one movie franchise not to be missed!

What do you think of The Naked Mile?

Until next time.

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  1. I love these kinds of films for obvious reasons haha! Has always made me wonder if the films embellish the American College experience a lot, or if they are on the money.
    The American College comedy genre is one I always go back to from time to time.


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