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Devil Review

In my first year of university I lived in halls that had a lift (I am not walking up and down thirty flights of stairs everyday!) everytime we stepped into that lift with a particular boy he would say ‘has anyone seen that film Devil?’ as a joke. Now I can finally say, 4 years on, yes I have seen Devil and that joke is very weak.


Devil is about a group of strangers who go inside a lift together and start getting killed off one by one (Haha do you get the joke now?!). It slowly becomes apparent that each one of these people has done something wrong in their lives and so are being punished. The security guards and police can only watch on the security cameras as each of these people die in this trapped lift. But who is the Devil? Oh well that’s the twist!


This movie was OK, nothing special really, and was pretty easy to understand. You’d think with this sort of movie there’d be a lot of character development but with the gore, and the not very long run time, the actual characters were pretty two dimensional. Oh she’s a woman and has done drugs, oh he’s the security guard but has a history of violence etc. there was nothing really there but the tenseness of who was going to die next and who was really the Devil.

It turns out in the end that the Devil ‘died’ early on in the movie and has been killing people without anyone knowing it’s them. This causes more paranoia within the group as it would because they all believe someone else is the murderer when really it’s none of them. This could’ve been a fun ending and a great twist but it was just a bit too comical and weird. Don’t even get me started on the security guard with his ‘bad things happen when the Devil’s around analogy’ then drops a piece of toast on the floor.

Jelly landed face down.

Oh my god!

This movie was one I wanted to watch but I wouldn’t watch it again out of choice. There are plenty better suspenseful, thriller/horrors out there that this one shouldn’t even be considered. Check it out if you haven’t seen it but if you have, let’s go watch something better. How about Seven?

What did you think of Devil?

Until next time.

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