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Body Fixers Review

Does anyone remember Embarrassing Bodies? Well this is that basically, but with a lot more vain problems, and a name very similar to Tattoo Fixers.


Body Fixers is a reality TV show where people with problems ranging from wanting a whole new look to needing a botched tattoo removed come to a pop up shop in London and get help. The group of people that help them have the old banter that any group of twenty-somethings have on TV and aim to please their clients. There’s a lot of over the top stuff here too including close ups of verrucas and even spot popping (definitely not for the squeamish).

But it’s a sweet tale. Where the people who have been stuck with this problem, some for most of their lives, finally get their freedom from it. The transformations can be huge, even bigger for the people going through it, and it does get emotional at times. The one that shed a tear for me was a woman who was going to a wedding and her sister-in-law wanted her in the pictures but she hadn’t been in a photograph for twenty years because she thought she was ugly. The way she cried and smiled when her transformation was revealed was beautiful.

This is late night Channel 4 TV at its best. Something you don’t watch during dinner but also don’t know why you’d watch at any time. It’s a bit grotesque, weird, and heartwarming but mainly it is incredibly addictive. It also gives you some insight on how you can help your own problems at home. From exfoliating your feet to keep them soft to knowing the fact that you can get eyebrow extensions where they literally glue on each, individual, hair! It’s crazy.


My main thing though, is that these procedures must be free. Surely people who have these problems could get help but especially with the nose jobs and acne problems they may not be able to afford it. That’s the price of beauty. Show off your disgusting skin on national TV to get the procedure you desperately need. Entertainment eh?

I don’t know why I started watching this, but I’ll let you know, I’m halfway through season 2 and I can’t stop until I reach the end. Get ready to procrastinate your days away and wonder: maybe I should try that hair treatment on my head too?

Be warned though, some people leave in the second season and honestly, it’s just not the same.

What do you think of Body Fixers?

Until next time.

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