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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Review

So another season is over and what a whirlwind that was. From repeated outfits to sponges to Miss Vanjie, I can’t think of a better season. Each of the challenges had so many extra elements and was so much fun.

So let’s look back over the girls from this season, from last to first and whether I think the winner really deserves her crown.

Vanessa Vanjoe Mateo

vanjie.jpgI mean, she really won this season didn’t she? With her epic exit from the show she made Drag Race history and her name is still something I utter at least once a day. Although she may have not made an impression with her oufits, hair, or lip sync, her name will live on through the ages (and honestly seeing RuPaul cry every time her name was said was too perfect)




Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams


Kalorie is absolutely gorgeous. She is an absolute queen if I’ve ever seen one. It was a shame to see her go but I believe it was deserved. Although she was gorgeous her personality just wasn’t there for me yet but I do wonder if she got to stay longer would she have come out of her shell even more?




Yuhua Hamasaki


I don’t know, I didn’t like Yuhua. She annoyed me quite a bit and was just a bit odd for my taste. What I’ll never forget is her just doing an air guitar during the lip sync. It seemed a bit wooden and awkward and I definitely believe she deserved to go. Although she was a bit batty and a bit weird she just didn’t do it for me.




Dusty Ray Bottoms


Dusty I felt had a lot of potential but was stuck in her bubble of dots and wacky hair. Maybe if she showed some more versatility she would’ve stayed longer and could even have been like Sharon Needles but unfortunately her time came to an end pretty quickly. I enjoyed her but again, I expected more, and maybe if she had longer in the show she could’ve proved herself as more versatile than what she was.




Mayhem Miller


Mayhem was the one to beat it seemed at the start of the show. She was well presented, pretty, had amazing makeup skills and could make great clothes. But I believe sometimes you can hit a wall and still be good but not be better. While I loved Mayhem for her poise and grace I did want more and was quite sad to see her leave so soon.




Blair St. Clair


Blair was an absolute doll. She was gorgeous, funny, and was finding her way in a world she seemed frightened of. She was an absolute babe and I loved her so much. I wish Blair was able to go on further but at the same time the competition was so tough I’m just proud of how far she did get and the demons she overcame.




Monique Heart


Monique was an absolute babe. I adored Monique from day one and she never failed to make me laugh. I found her quirky, relatable and so, so genuine. It was such a shame to see her go.





The Vixen

vixenThis was the bad bitch of the season and I loved to hate her. She brought so much life and fun to the show you never knew what she was going to do next. When she left it was a shame but I believe she wasn’t on the same level as the other girls. Watching her in the reunion episode though was heartbreaking and I hope whatever she’s doing she’s happy and is staying true to herself no matter what anyone else says.




Monet X Change


Monet was definitely up there as one of my favourites. From her brilliant outfits to her sass and her sponges she was ridiculously memorable. Monet definitely has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the future.




Miz Cracker

crackerCracker was my life. I adored her and even though I love Kameron Michaels I do not believe she deserved to go home when she did. Cracker has been consistently brilliant throughout the show and I was devastated when she went. What I loved about her was she bought more than glam and looks to the main stage but also comedy and wit. She was an absolute performer and I love her. I believe Cracker deserved to get further than she did but it’s Ru’s decision at the end of the day (although she definitely made the wrong one)



Asia O’Hara

asiaAsia, I felt, was robbed. She was an incredibly strong queen and had amazing values. She was consistently great and I think she would’ve been a worthy winner, but, girl…the butterflies? What even was that?! I get it, you need a big thing to show that you’re worthy of the crown but that was just ridiculous! It was kind of sad too to think that all these butterflies died just for a bit of entertainment. This is why Sasha went with rose petals and Aquaria went with fireworks! Never work with children or animals!



Kameron Michaels

kameronI adored Kameron from the start, maybe it was mainly due to the fact that she was gorgeous as a guy and a girl but also because she was a fantastic performer. Kameron always looked beautiful and really captivated an audience. Did she deserve to be in the final though? Eh I don’t know, she didn’t blow me away like others and I still believe Miz Cracker deserved to stay over her. But saying all that she is still a queen and I still love her. But her contour on her chin was definitely too much in the final, just saying a bit 5 o’clock shadow if you ask me.




eurekaA lot of people hated Eureka this season and I kind of get it. Ru shoved her down our throats so much but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t worthy of her spot. She was hilarious, glamorous and a brilliant performer. I’ll never get over when she basically wore the same outfit and makeup twice though, how did she get away with that? I was expecting harsh critiques but clearly the judges were too busy holding her on a pedestal. I love a bit of Eureka but she is challenging and I”m so glad she didn’t win.




So that brings us to the winner…




aquariaTo be honest, Aquaria fully deserved the crown. Her last lip syncs truly blew me away and she was always absolutely stunning and well put together. I wish I looked as gorgeous as her! When she brought out the fireworks and the confetti cannon I knew she had won, there was no way any amount of costume changes or dead butterflies could beat that one. I am very proud of her and all she has achieved at such a young age.

Overall this season was utterly phenomenal and one of my favourites. I can’t wait to see what we have next but the competition is going to be so much harder because these queens raised the bar ten times what it used to be. I can’t get enough and I’m kind of sad it’s ended.

What did you think of Drag Race season 10?

Until next time.



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