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Shrek Review

Cast your mind back to 2001 before all the memes and the vines and the jokes. Oh wasn’t it a simpler time? I enjoyed Shrek as a child a lot, and as an adult alone on a Friday night with nothing to do I thought I’d entertain the movie again, and as an adult it’s even better!


We all know the story of Shrek by now don’t we? And we all know it’s a mickey take of Disney too right? Yep there’s a whole big storyline there about people being fired and Shrek coming out of a burning hatred for said company. It’s quite funny really. And when you look at Duloc more closely you can definitely see all the little hints. I can’t believe I missed the Lord Farquad merch for all these years!

But Shrek is more than just a joke or something people can watch and quickly forget. It’s about accepting yourself and not having to change for others. If you don’t remember, Fiona was set to marry Lord Farquad but she had a curse on her that meant she turned into an ogre every night. She believes marrying Farquad, her one true love, will save her of this curse but instead she falls for Shrek and when she kisses him she becomes an ogre permanently. She believes this is wrong, as does Farquad but Shrek sees passed her ogre-ness to the true beautiful woman inside and tells her she is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous story about being proud of who you are and whatever problems you may have with your looks.


So what if you’re a bit chubby? Or your nose is crooked? Or you’re balding a little? If you find someone who truly loves you they’ll be able to see through your imperfections or know that those imperfections make you who you are. They love you because of your whole package. Listen up everyone, just because someone has a six pack and an impressive jawline doesn’t mean they’re amazing. Personality trumps looks every time.

But that went on a bit of a tangent didn’t it? And getting love advice from a single pringle isn’t what you signed up for really. So back to Shrek. If you haven’t watched this movie for a few years give it another go. It has a beautiful moral, incredibly hilarious moments and very enjoyable characters. And then you can go on YouTube and find all the awful memes again that you love too. I love how the internet has become a meme machine when it has so many better uses.

What do you think of Shrek?

Until next time.

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