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Saw 2 Review

Ah, remembers the day when Saw was still good? Those were good times.


Saw 2 goes one more than the original movie. Instead of being set in one room, it’s set in a house! A detective, Eric Matthews, finds John Kramer and is ready to arrest him and finally charge him with all the terrible things he has done but John has one up on him. John has kidnapped his son, Daniel, and has trapped him inside a house with a group of strangers. Or has he? Ooooo mystery!

Daniel has to escape quickly or the nerve agent that is being pumped into the house will kill them all. As the group travel around the house they find different tasks each one has to complete and each task is to do with why they’re here. Amanda, (we all know Amanda now don’t we?) gets thrown into a pit of needles by a man who should have taken the task because he was connected to drugs to find a key. Other tasks include crawling into an oven and retrieving some antidote for the nerve agent, a trap that is often referred to as ‘the coke lid from McDonalds’ trap where you have to put your arms into holes that has knives on the other side that will cut your wrists to ribbons, and many others.

As each task is performed and the group move from room to room all Eric can do is watch and wait and hope his son makes it out alive. Then there’s the classic Saw twist and I absolutely loved this one. I have only seen three of the movies but this twist was fantastic and is definitely my favourite so far.


Yes this film is very gorey and quite scary and a bit weird but I thoroughly enjoy it. There is also the tension with the detective, the tension of the group and the will they won’t they of them getting out. Every second is counted for and keeps the story going and I do honestly love it.

These are the good old days before Saw just became gore porn and nothing else. It still had the fantastic storyline and the intrigue and twists you didn’t see coming. Now it’s more about fanfare and creating more elaborate traps. I miss these days but at the same time are glad they’re over and not being exploited as I can imagine them getting old pretty quick.

If you haven’t seen the Saw movies I definitely recommend you give them a go but I definitely advise that as you go down the list the more gruesome and over the top they become and there are still some scenes even I can’t watch because it’s just too much. Definitely give them a go though. They’re very fun if you remember it is all just acting and prosthetics.

What do you think of Saw 2?

Until next time.


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