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The Book Of Love Review

This is a ridiculous movie but I absolutely love it. Seriously if you need a movie series to binge it has to be American Pie. It’s just fantastic (if a bit weird and laddish).


The Book of Love follows three friends who are quite awkward and a bit weird. But like all teenage boys they want to get laid and know exactly the girls they want it with. Surprisingly even though he is a character Stifler is not part of the main gang.

While Rob, one of the trio who has a crush on a girl Heidi, has to clean up the library because he accidentally set it on fire (this is American Pie, anything goes!) he stumbles upon a hidden book known as the bible. Within it is invaluable advice about sex and what to do with the ladies. The three lads think they have stumbled upon the holy grail and set about trying many of the different ideas within it, often with hilarious consequences.

They then realise that to preserve this book they need to update it to the 21st century as most of it has been destroyed in the fire. They go through all the names in the book (after all it is a library book, you need to check it out so to speak) and recreate the Book of Love.

Looking at it there isn’t really a lot of story here but it’s still an enjoyable movie.


It’s quite weird watching an American Pie movie without any of them being connected to the original cast members. Apart from Jim’s dad, he always turns up! But don’t let that stop you, it’s still a very enjoyable movie and makes you cringe a lot.

It’s a very obvious storyline but it’s still fun to watch and keeps you interested. Seeing the boys go from proper nerdy lads to boys who actually get the girl is quite fulfilling and is definitely an underdog story I can get behind. Although the scene with the moose and Stifler, a step too far?

If you need a new movie to watch or want an old classic that still holds up (well almost) this is definitely the movie for you! I miss the simple old days before we could google things and had to actually read books and ask people for advice on life. I’m sure the book of love could never hold up to a quick google search these days!

What do you think of the Book of Love?

Until next time.

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