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Gavin and Stacey Season Two Review

Honestly, this show just gets better and better. But, it will definitely get the welsh accent stuck in your head, you’ve been warned!

Series 2

Season 2 continues with Gavin and Stacey returning from their honeymoon and finally the truth comes out that Nessa is having Smithy’s baby, information he does not take well. But that’s not the only drama taking place, Stacey has moved to Essex and is living with Gavin’s family but misses home terribly. So much so she ends up returning for a while putting their relationship on hold for a bit. But finally when Nessa gives birth to Neil, the baby, people finally realises what, and who, is most important.

The best episode from this season has to be Gwen’s surprise party with Bryn going all out on the barn dance. I honestly still die at Bryn yelling surprise in Gwen’s face! The scene where they drop Stacey off in Essex to live too with Bryn singing along to James Blunt is comedy gold. It’s so dumb and simple but I love it!


I feel this season was more real than the first. Yes it showed life in a very realistic way but it was a bit too ‘fairytale’ with the sudden engagement and then marriage and everything in between. It was all too perfect almost. This season felt more real, showing more about what couples go through when deciding what to do with their lives and how they’re going to handle it all. Especially long distance relationships where people get settled where they are and compromise is not an easy thing to do.

And to watch Nessa and Smithy’s relationship grow is just adorable! I honestly cannot stand Dave and that’s all down to the fact that he’s keeping Nessa and Smithy apart. I can’t say much about Smithy’s girlfriend seeing as we never actually get to meet her (quite funny that).

Honestly, I felt this show has gone from strength to strength from season one to season two and I still highly recommend it. The characters are brilliant to watch and the storylines are so intriguing it’ll have you hooked in no time.

What do you think of season 2?

Until next time.


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