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The House Bunny Review

This is an awkward one. Yes it’s all about female empowerment and girls working together but at the same time the main rules the girls follow all circle around boys. And, to be honest, and I sound like such a mum here, they’re at college and should be concentrating on their studies not frat boys who do not deserve them.


The House Bunny starts in the Playboy mansion where Shelly a ‘senior’ resident is kicked out by ‘Hugh Hefner’ for being too old. This is all a ruse but really it’s not that important it just gets the main story going.

She learns about house mothers in colleges and finds a sorority that is in disrepair. The girls are the typical nerdy, undesirables, including a girl with a neck brace, an alternative one, the geeky one, and the shy one. Oh and one’s pregnant just to really drill the point in harder.

Shelly realises the best way to get girls to pledge with this sorority and stop it from closing down is to reel in the boys. Because a guy’s attention is obviously the most important thing when looking for friends.

Sadly, or in some cases, not so sadly it works and the girls get their pledges thanks to the parties they hold and the amount of male attention they get after being made over by Shelly. She also realises what’s most important in life. Woohoo.


My issue with this movie is that it is all about boys and how women have to change themselves for the men. Yes it has a lot of girl power and both sides learn that they should be themselves more rather than being something they’re not. For example, Shelly learns her love interest is actually into smart girls and she must stop acting so dumb just because that’s what douchebags like. While Emma Stone learns that the guy she wants, even though he’s a total idiot, is actually after an honest girl rather than someone who wears low cut tops, extensions and dumbs herself down. But while this is all good and well and they realise, actually if I just be myself but more glamorous boys will like me, that’s what it’s all about. Boys!

Now, this may come as a shock ladies but, boys aren’t the be all end all. Yes they’re fun to hang around and have a bit of a flirt with but they come and go and are easily replaceable. These girls, in my opinion, should’ve made these changes because they wanted to not because they thought guys would like them. Yes have the crazy parties and the midriffs and the short shorts but do those things because you want to do them, not to catch the attention of some boys who will probably have an awful receding hairline and a pot belly in a few years!

While this is a good movie to watch with your friends at a sleepover or whatever don’t take too many morals from this. Just remember, whatever you do in your life do it because you want to, not because you’re trying to impress someone else.

Am I going too deep with all these chick flicks? Whoops!

What do you think of The House Bunny?

Until next time.

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