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Truth Or Dare Review

Think of It Follows and The Ring. Think if those two much better movies had a baby that took simple childhood fun and turned it sinister. That’s what this movie is. A mess of cheap jumpscares, a mis-matched plot, and not very enjoyable characters. But more on that later.


Truth or Dare follows a group of friends who go off to Mexico for Spring Break. Everything’s great and they’re having a good time until one of them, the innocent one of the group, meets a boy who invites them to a creepy building. They play truth or dare there but unknowing to them (at this time) a demon has latched onto their game and makes them play even after they have left Mexico. The rules are simple, you tell the truth or do the dare or you die. Quite a simple concept that likes to use a lot of horror and gore and a lot of jumpscares and strange moments.

Let’s talk the demon face. Like they said in the movie it’s like a messed up Snapchat filter. Hey movie, just because you’re self aware doesn’t make you good. It looked dumb and wasn’t really all that scary, more funny if anything.

Then there’s the characters, now this movie is heavy on the characters as the audience has to be able to connect with them to really enjoy the movie. But I couldn’t. We didn’t really get to know them very well and the main girl, Olivia, wasn’t very enjoyable to watch. She was quite whiny and annoying to be honest and this caused a big problem for me. The whole movie is following these kids and seeing if they can beat the curse but when the characters aren’t that likeable why should I care? They could all die and it wouldn’t have mattered to me, although it would have been a poor ending.


But let’s talk the ending shall we? The final two realise they cannot beat this demon so instead one of them films a YouTube video in the cursed building and shares it. It goes viral (somehow. Honestly I doubt in the real world, not movie world, it would’ve) and everyone who watches it ends up playing truth or dare. See how it’s like The Ring but worse? My question is, great, you’ve kind of defeated the demon as it’ll take years for it to ask you truth or dare but you’ve just killed off probably hundreds or thousands of people who don’t understand just to save your own skin? That’s pretty selfish of you.

So what can we take from this movie? Well, don’t go to scary places with strangers and instead of playing truth or dare why not just get drunk? Be that stereotypical teenager society wants you to be!

In my opinion, I wouldn’t watch this movie again unless someone suggested it. It’s not awful but it’s not good and even though the concept is an interesting one I believe they could’ve gone about it much better.

So: truth or dare?

Until next time.

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