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Saving Poundstretcher Review

I mean, does this really need a review? I say yes.


Saving Poundstretcher is a documentary series following the CEOs of Poundstretcher as they try and get help to save their business. We travel around the UK meeting different workers and shops that are either failing miserably or thriving and seeing why this may be. It’s quite an interesting tale of how people’s standards have changed with where they shop and how the high street is changing due to online shopping.

Poundstretcher is a shop that sells a wide array of products at a very discounted price. A lot of people use it to stock up on necessities like toilet roll and cleaning products and it’s also an easy shop to drop into to get a can of Coke while you’re out with friends or something snackable to eat. It’s not the prettiest of shops but it’s handy and with the money situation in the UK currently it’s nice to know that certain places will have your back when money gets tight.

But Poundstretcher is heading towards a loss and I believe it’s because of the marketing of the shop, the online shopping world, and the business itself.

The shop does look cheap. It’s not exactly a John Lewis or Marks and Spencer that are known for being more high end. A lot of people feel ashamed to go into these sorts of shops because it hurts their image. How can you keep up with the Jones’ when you can’t even go to Waitrose for your weekly shop? I think people need to let go of their egos and realise that if we can save money here and there by shopping at cheaper places then that means they have more money for more lavish purchases like holidays or cars. Lidl has become my saviour since moving out on my own and I am not ashamed and rather hold my head with pride when I tell people I got my weekly shop for £20 and that means yes I can go to Wagamamas with my friends on Saturday.


Another problem I think which is hitting all shops really is the online shopping world. I personally don’t trust it and would rather see what I’m buying when it comes to food and clothes but a lot of people don’t feel the same. If your business doesn’t have an online shop you might as well not have a business. People like convenience so if they can get everything they need and not have to leave their home they’ll do it. That’s why I think so many high street stores are going bust, because people just aren’t out there anymore. Shoppers do go out and shop of course but there’s such a want for online shopping now that these sort of retailers are going to disappear. Why should I go out and buy a few bottles of Coke for £1.50 when I can stay home, not use petrol or have to pay for parking, and get the bottles delivered right to my door?

And finally, the business is harming itself. We saw in the documentary that the shops couldn’t decide on their own what they wanted to be delivered to them so many shops ended up with silly things that just used up shelf space and not the actual things customers wanted to buy and they desperately needed. I don’t get how someone in their office far away from the shops could know what they need! It’s ridiculous. Let the shops tell you what they want and stop wasting money on silly fad things like coconut water and weird cakes when all customers really want is bread, milk, a new lampshade maybe, and some toilet roll. It’s not rocket science.

Overall I think these documentaries can be fascinating because it shows a different side to things we use on a day to day basis. It also makes the whole thing a lot more real and I wouldn’t be surprised if Poundstretcher’s profits started to go up because of it.

What do you think is killing the high street?

Until next time.

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