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Hereditary Review

Spoilers ahead.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new style of horror. The whole tense-ness with not much going on but that’s what’s scary because it keeps you on edge. Like the VVitch, it just doesn’t work on me.


Hereditary follows a family whose lives start to get ripped apart when the grandmother dies. Her granddaughter starts to act weird collecting heads off dead animals until her demise herself. To be honest, that bit did shock me, it came out of nowhere and completely caught me off guard.

But then things dull down again and basically we find out that the grandma was part of a satanic cult and they needed a male host to take on a demon. This turns out to be the grandson of the woman and he seems to get away pretty unscathed while the rest of his family get killed around him. It’s very strange. Oh and there’s quite a bit of nudity in it too which was definitely unexpected.

But for the most part of this movie it’s all about the suspense and how the family slowly get worse and worse. It’s not jump scares and cliches, it’s a slow burn that terrifies you just by being tense and foreboding. But the end turns more into a classic horror with the jump scares and the gore. And I’ll be honest, that bit absolutely terrified me. Seeing figures in darken corners of the room and then the blood and the level of gore it went to it definitely wasn’t a fun experience.


But, alas, this movie just didn’t do it for me. Maybe if I went back and watched it again I’d notice hidden clues that I missed the first time but I didn’t find it enjoyable enough to try. The camera work and soundtrack was very interesting and good it was just the rest that let the movie down.

It’s a shame as I remember the trailer for this movie being horrifically terrifying, it’s a shame they took most of the scary moments to make the trailer rather than leaving those scares for the audience to find when actually watching the movie.

What did you think of Hereditary?

Until next time.

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