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Deadpool 2 Review

Honestly. I think Deadpool is one of my favourite superhero characters. He’s funny, enjoyable to watch and you can really tell that the people behind the movie truly enjoy what they’re doing.


Deadpool 2 is obviously the second installment in the Deadpool franchise where he battles against Cable, a terminator type character from the future who goes back in time to kill a young boy who kills Cable’s family. Sadly for Cable Deadpool has become friends with this boy and will not allow him to be killed. To defeat Cable and save the mutants Deadpool puts together a team of superheroes (and Peter) which ends in disastrous consequences.

What I enjoyed about this movie more than the first one was I felt it had more of a story and was better put together. I hate origin stories of any kind so if I’m able to skip over those parts I will. Deadpool’s origin and the original movie all fit together so it didn’t feel like wasted time but getting straight into the action with this movie was what I really wanted. The action scenes are always the best but even with all the talking and exposition the movie did those in such a way I didn’t get bored. The references and easter eggs within this movie were fantastic and it was so much fun to notice things that otherwise would go a miss.


It’s clear to me that the Deadpool team really understand the character and what they’re doing. Each of the characters were well fleshed out and easy to connect to, the look and feel of the movie was fun and fresh and none of the references felt too old or outdated. Or forced even. Looking at you ‘what are those’ in the Black Panther movie. Still makes me cringe…

Anyway, this is the sort of movie I enjoy, a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and flows well. There wasn’t a moment I thought was too boring or a character I didn’t enjoy watching on screen. I would quite happily go back and rewatch this movie again and again and hopefully spot even more easter eggs that I missed the first time.

This movie and the first one are perfect movies to watch with or without others, either way you’re going to be laughing.

What did you think of Deadpool 2?

Until next time.

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