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Outdoor Cinema Review

At the weekend I went to an open air cinema with my mum and her neighbour, we went to see The Lost Boys a movie I thoroughly enjoy. This review is telling you about my experience and why you need to go to one yourself!

The open air cinema is by a company called Alfresco Film Co who travel about and put movies on for people. This one was at Lackham college, near Chippenham, and it was outside the actual building where I had my year 13 prom, ah memories.

We got the ‘premier seats’ as my mum called them which included deck chairs while others were on garden chairs and bean bags. This was incredibly comfy and easy to get in and out of (I can’t image trying to get up from a bean bag after being sat in it for over an hour). Due to our seating arrangements we also got complimentary popcorn which, while being a little stale, was very tasty and came in proper old fashioned popcorn tubs which I thoroughly appreciated.

Due to this film being a horror-comedy and the fact that bats were flying around us as the movie began the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. The movie began at quarter past eight in the evening so the sun hadn’t set yet, but once it did and the breeze really started blowing, it was an amazing experience. You really felt enveloped within the movie and the audience made it even better. As it was an older movie you didn’t have to pay full attention to it and could have more fun and if people were talking or quoting along or even using their torch on their phones to find the toilet it wasn’t a problem.

I took a blanket with me which was an amazing decision as it did get cold and some snacks which were, obviously, tasty. But taking a picnic with you and some friends would be such a cute idea for something different to do. My nan used to put hot dog sausages in foil and keep them in thermoses to keep them warm for when we wanted them, helpful tip for you!

But overall this experience was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I did get bit by a horsefly that left a huge bite on my back, I would definitely go again. It’s an experience you don’t get with traditional cinemas and I’d love to try more of these sorts of events in the future.

Until next time.

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