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Christopher Robin Review

If you’re looking for an incredibly cute movie that is heartwarming and fun look no further!


Christopher Robin follows an adult Christopher who has become a bit of a bore and spends more time working than anything else. Winnie the Pooh awakes in Hundred Acre Wood one day and finds all his friends are missing so goes off to find Christopher Robin to help him find them again.

Of course this leads to hilarity where Pooh can’t understand why he can’t talk to people on the street and why he has to be quiet. He’s basically a very hairy toddler and an adorable one at that. But Hundred Acre Wood has gone downhill since Christopher Robin grew up, it’s dark and foggy and rains a lot. But as Christopher returns and gets more into his fun side again things start to cheer up.

We meet Eeyore and Tigger and all the rest of the gang (Tigger definitely looks worse for wear) and it’s just lovely. It’s innocent and sweet and everything a heartwarming movie should be.

I did find it strange though, and I guess it’s because it’s live action and I’ve only ever seen Winnie the Pooh as a cartoon but Rabbit and Owl seemed strange as real animals. Kanga and Roo were still like felt toys so why weren’t they? It just seemed a little misplaced to me and Rabbit especially looked quite menacing.

But each of the characters had their own charms and personalities and it was so much fun to watch even as an adult. The movie took you back to your childhood while still having enough older content like his family relationships etc. to keep you entertained and not making it feel immature or childish (like other family movies).


But my only criticism is there didn’t seem to really be a story there. If the characters weren’t as good as they were I would’ve found it quite boring and long. Basically Christopher Robin becomes a boring adult, Pooh finds him and takes him back to Hundred Acre Wood where he learns to have more fun, then he goes back to London and somehow fixes the problem he has at work and defeats the bad guy. That’s it. It’s very simple.

Would I watch it again? Oh definitely! It almost makes me want to go out and buy a Pooh bear toy again because he is just too cute! It’s definitely a movie both adults and kids can enjoy and it’s easily a movie you can watch again and again and never get sick of the characters.

What did you think of Christopher Robin?

Until next time.

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