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The Inbetweeners Movie Review

Growing up with The Inbetweeners during my teenage years I was always going to love the movie. How could I not?

I remember being packed into an overcrowded cinema surrounded by teens far too excited to see this movie. It was one of the best movie going experiences of my life.

But onto the actual review.


The Inbetweeners lads have finished school and want one last blow out before heading their separate ways to uni. They decide to go to Malia where it’s sun, sea, and sex and meet a group of girls who take a shine to them. Over the course of the holiday they have break ups, make ups, crazy nights out and make loads of ridiculous memories that anyone who has been on a lads holiday could relate to.

What I loved about this movie was that it never felt boring or predictable. It was obvious who would end up with who but the actual scenes within the movie always kept you guessing and excited to watch more. I also loved how the boys didn’t really change, they were their same goofy selves and sometimes, like we saw with The Bad Education Movie, a movie can completely ruin much-loved characters. This movie didn’t. It took the characters we already knew and loved and made them a lot more funnier and a lot more relatable. We saw the lads go from schoolboys to awkward sort-of men and it was so fun to watch.


The Inbetweeners is one of those shows that I can go back and watch and never get bored of and still laugh out loud at the same stupid jokes. Although it is a bit dated now it’s still so fun to go back and remember all your awkward teen moments and relate to the characters. This is probably one of the most honest british TV comedies about teenagers and I love every second of it.

May have another Inbetweeners binge sometime soon.

What did you think of The Inbetweeners Movie?

Until next time.


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