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Women on Top Review

This is the first episode of a documentary series on Netflix called Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. It is a fantastic series but as each episode has its own point I felt it better to review the main episodes that stood out to me individually. This is the first one, and this one concentrates on adult films and the internet.


Women on Top follows two main stories. The first is Holly a girl who makes adult films and provocative photography following in her mum’s footsteps as she was the first female photographer for Playboy. The second story follows Erika Lust another film director who believes adult films are basically sex education as a lot of young people are finding films on the internet and believe it to be true.

Starting with Holly, basically her livelihood is slowly dismantling as people no longer pay for her services but instead watch what they want, when they want, online. Before she was able to take days to set up a shoot including sets and hair and makeup etc. but now she needs to push out three shoots a day just to keep up with the demand. Her mum even wants her to find a new career as this one is dying, and it’s a shame, it’s a big shame when something so important to the world can completely destroy your life’s work. It’s the same thing with robots really isn’t it?

Moving onto Erika. Erika makes very cinematic, very artsy adult films where she wants to portray something more special. Put the women in power and let the men take a back seat for once. She takes a lot of inspiration from confessions sent in from her fans, they send her notes with their fantasies and Erika makes them a reality in her movies. She speaks a lot about how her films need to express something different to what is seen on mainstream sites as they have become much more brutal, hardcore, and taboo.


I do believe it’s scary that young people, especially young teenagers, will get most of their sex education from these films. I mean everyone saw two girls one cup when they were younger, what if we thought that was the norm and we started doing that to people? Of course that’s a very extreme case but I know people who have only done certain things because they saw it on the internet.

Of course this can also help you find what you’re into. You don’t know what you truly like until you try it, but how far are people willing to push their boundaries? I know as a young girl when a guy tells you ‘oh this is normal, oh stop being so frigid’ etc. that you do end up doing things more out of your comfort zone that you’re not too sure of. Those actresses do it so it must be what you’re supposed to do.

But is the world of adult films on the internet really the biggest problem here? Well yes, but you can’t exactly regulate the internet, kids are going to find it sooner or later. What I believe we need is better education in schools.

I don’t know what they talk about in schools now but my sex ed classes at an age when people around me had already started getting pregnant was the boys and girls seperated, we would sit down and be given a load of names probably taken from urban dictionary about different acts. Then we saw some graphic images of STIs and spoke of contraception.

But there was nothing said about relationships and consent and feeling ready and happy. About exploring new areas but how to do it safely and with a lot of communication. There was no talk of gay or lesbian relationships. Everything was very conservative and very much about stopping getting pregnant instead of the actual act itself.

A lot of my friends, including myself, found it hard at the beginning when we started to become attracted to boys to truly know what was right and wrong. I think we’ve all been in situations where we’d rather not be just because we weren’t educated properly. It’s a very hard topic to talk about, I understand that, but the only way we can make things better is through education. A proper education, not just use a condom and don’t get pregnant – it looks bad on us as a school.

What do you think should be done about the education system?

Until next time.

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