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Some Girls Review

Some Girls is one of those TV shows I could go back and watch again and again because it is so relatable and fun. It’s a bit like the female Inbetweeners but, no, thinking about it, it’s basically the female inbetweeners. I guess you could say with more romance…


Some Girls is a show on the BBC that follows four girls, Saz, Viva, Holli, and Amber who are sixth form students. They also play football for their school’s team and the football coach is Viva’s step mum.

So let’s break it down:

Viva is head girl and has lots of badges and wants to go off to university and leave the estate she is living on. She falls for a boy called Rocky who is pretty dim-witted and doesn’t have much of a future. Her main character development is growing from someone who is quite serious and mature to someone who has more fun and starts to appreciate the little things in life.

Saz is a girl who hasn’t had the chance to fully become a teenager or young adult. She’s a nerd so not many boys like her and she is also very sheltered. But she has wit and charm and is incredibly funny, if a bit mean at times. Everyone knows a Saz.

Holli is the ‘chav’ of the group. She is the one with the advice on boys and is very hard and quick tempered. But as the seasons go on you learn more about Holli’s sensitive and at times smart side and it’s quite a fun transition.

And finally there’s Amber, the dumb one who is obsessed with Brandon, a boyfriend who cheated on her with her own sister and treats her pretty poorly in all respects. Brandon is played by Franz Drameh who is also in Attack the Block and Legends of Tomorrow. It’s quite interesting to see where he’s gone in his acting career. I think everyone knows an Amber or was an Amber at one point in their lives: a girl who is obsessed with a guy that is very below her.


Overall this show is very fun and interesting to watch. It’s much like other british comedies about teenagers and obviously has its good episodes and bad episodes. But myself and a friend were, possibly a little bit still are, obsessed with this show and it’s very easy to quote and throw into everyday life.

Even as a 23 year old now I can still watch it and enjoy its comedy and storylines. It’s not like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, a movie that I loved as a teenager but watch it back now and can hardly stand any of the parts within it (read my review, it’s actually quite fun and gets very ranty). This show is one that is always relatable while still being that little bit over the top that makes it fun.

I would definitely recommend it, probably more to a female audience as they’d be able to easily get and relate to the jokes more, but there’s no reason why boys can’t enjoy it too.

What do you think of Some Girls?

Until next time.

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