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Saw 5 Review

Eh. This one was very eh. Like it tried to have a storyline but every time we cut away from the 5 in the traps I became incredibly bored.


In this one we see how Hoffman became a part of the Jigsaw family where he is taught by John to build traps and create situations for their ‘victims’. It cuts back and forth through time a lot and honestly I did find it at times hard to keep up with or work out where we were.

In the present Strahm, Hoffman’s colleague, figures out that he is part of Jigsaw and goes about dealing with the information (basically trapping him so he can be charged for his crimes) but of course this doesn’t work and he ends up dying. It’s a Saw movie after all….

And on top of this we have five people trapped in what seems to be a long corridor having to work together to try and make it through every room. But of course that doesn’t happen and most of them die off. Yay!

And that honestly was my favourite part of the movie. I loved seeing what the group did in the situation and why they made the choices they did. It was very psychological and everything else seemed too much talking and exposition. This part actually had blood and horror and that’s what Saw is known for right? Why else do we watch it? The storyline? Pah!


Overall, if there was more of the fateful five I think I would’ve enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t bad but

1. It wasn’t as clever as the earlier Saws and

2. It was a lot of nothing.

Woo this guy finds out someone’s a murderer. Oh wait, it doesn’t matter, no one else knows and he’s now dead so what was the point in all that? It was a mute point and almost seemed like filler for an almost otherwise ok movie. The parts with Hoffman and John weren’t boring or hard to watch and it’s always interesting to see how things end up the way they do. And then of course the gore and horror is always fun to watch and find out why they’re there in the first place. It’s like a hugely sadistic detective show.

I think Saw is losing what it was in the first place. It’s time to step away from the convoluted, boring storylines and jump more into the gore or the twists. The twists were what reeled people into Saw and the gore was what kept them. People are weird.

What do you think of Saw 5?

Until next time.

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