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The Addams Family Values Review

The Addams Family are honestly absolutely fantastic! My mum used to be obsessed with them and that obsession has definitely been passed on to me. Yes they’re weird and bit creepy but underneath all that there’s a lot of comedy, a good family dynamic, and a brilliant story to be told.


The Addams Family Values is about the Addams Family but mainly follows Uncle Fester, Wednesday, and Pugsley. Uncle Fester finds love with Debbie the family’s new nanny when Morticia gives birth to their third son, Pubert. Debbie is not all she seems however as she is a notorious killer of her rich husbands. Uncle Fester however is not an easy man to kill.

Wednesday and Pugsley are having issues with their new baby brother and are sent away to summer camp to try and get some space. Here they cause a lot of issues including setting fire to the Thanksgiving play they are putting on because the natives are not prepared to be raped and tortured by their conquerors. There’s even a love story in there for Wednesday which is fricking adorable!


I adore this movie because it has so many elements. From the storylines to the jokes and even the resolution at the end it is all easily watchable and very fun. I think the Addams are a brilliant family because they clearly love their kids and care for their family members as well as letting them find their own ways in the world. It’s refreshing to watch a comedy not be about the parents divorce or the awkward teen phase.

This movie is one of the ones I recommend a lot because it is just a great watch and perfect to watch with whoever you may be with. It’s funny, has jokes in it for the adults as well as the kids, and just makes for great viewing. It may be over two decades old but I believe it still holds up today and watching it as I grow older more jokes and moments become apparent and it makes for a great almost first time viewing everytime.

If you haven’t watched any Addams Family things before, be it TV or film I can’t recommend it enough. This movie and The Addams Family movie that came out in 1991 are definitely my favourites however and nothing can top this cast. Go watch it and try and tell me you didn’t enjoy it.

What do you think of The Addams Family Values?

Until next time.

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