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Scary Movie Review

I mean this is the OG, this is the big one, the one that began it all and watching it back even now I still love it. Sure it’s a little stale but that’s mainly because I’ve overwatched it so many times.


Scary Movie parodies horror movies and I feel this one may be one of the best because it has a lot of the classics. Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Blair Witch Project, just to name a few. These are staple horror movies that everyone should watch at least once so to make fun of them, and tell some pretty good jokes, well you’re easily onto a winner with this movie.

So Scary Movie mainly follows the storyline of Scream but with more drugs and alcohol. The characters all take the mick out of themselves and are very meta in what they say and do. The script is fantastic! There are so many moments that can easily be missed or overlooked until you watch this movie more than once. Then it becomes even more fun and excellent.


But it’s also a good movie in itself. It’s easy to watch, doesn’t get boring, and is a bit scary at times. As a kid I would watch this film and jump at certain moments or find bits too scary that even watching the original was out of the question.

But I can’t recommend this movie enough! It is perfect for a halloween watch with friends or even alone. And why not binge watch the entire series while you’re at it (though maybe miss out 5, it’s not the best)

And in the words of the killer: what’s your favourite scary movie?

Until next time.

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