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Leatherface Review

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of those movies that is infamous. It is a classic that every horror fan has watched. I only watched it a couple of years ago, and while it wasn’t the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen, I understand the hype.


Then came about Leatherface. A movie about the origins of the character, why he is how he is, and honestly I didn’t think it was needed.

Leatherface’s real name is Jed, and he was raised on his mum’s farm with his cannibal family until he was a young teen when he was taken away to an asylum for basically murdering a girl (it was for his own protection from his family but whatever). One night at the asylum a riot breaks out and Jed, now known as Jackson is able to escape with two other horrible people who have sex far too much, his best friend Bud and a nurse called Lizzy who he has taken a shine to.

The whole story is about how they are evading capture from the police (and death) and how Jackson just wants to get home. In the end he does return home and Lizzy finally sees him for who he truly is. And, seeing as she’s not in any of the originals, it’s obvious she dies at the end too. A part I was actually kind of sad about.

I get it ok? He’s a killer, a deranged crazy person, but he also has a love story in this movie. It’s strange to say but it’s cute and nice and, in my case anyway, you end up rooting for them. So when he chops her head off with a chainsaw at the end I felt more sorrow than horror.


This is basically the horror version of Prison Break. Like there is barely any actual scary moments, a few gorey ones sure, but the main story we follow is their escape and how he reunites with his family. Prison Break.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. No I enjoyed this movie but I just felt it was a bit weak. I know he’s a killer but I did find Jackson very, very cute, and I enjoyed the romance element too. But that wasn’t what I went in for. I went in for blood and horror and grossness and more hooks! Not to see if the couple that should never be together will make it or not!

Why have you got me routing for the bad guy? Why should I care about him? Because he doesn’t have some revelation where he realises what he’s doing is wrong. No instead he embraces it. He enjoys it. And that’s not right.

Overall this movie was ok. It wasn’t anything like the original apart from the name and location and it didn’t feel much like a horror either. If you go in expecting more awesome Texas Chainsaw madness then you will more than likely be disappointed. But if you go in with an open mind you may enjoy it, big may though…

What did you think of Leatherface?

Until next time.

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