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Mama Review

This was weird. I didn’t like it too much and there’s two main reasons for this.

1. The ending…I mean what?

2. The hair. That weave was snatched!


Mama follows two girls who are taken to a remote cabin by their father to be killed. But before he is able to go through with the horrible deed a ghost/demon that lives in the cabin stops him and takes care of the girls herself. It turns out this ghost is a woman whose baby was taken away so she killed herself off a cliff. Lovely right?

Anyway back to the kids and they are reunited with their uncle and his wife who is a bit of a lay about and loves rock music and tattoos and drinking too much. They make her have a story arch in this movie where she begins hating the kids then turns out to love them but honestly it all felt a bit underwhelming. I couldn’t really care less about these characters but hey, at least the kids are cute.

Anyway, the ghost follows the girls to their new home and she starts terrorising the couple as she wants the kids, not them. It’s a full on supernatural custody battle and it gets pretty hilarious. There’s a few moments where Mama just turns into her hair for some reason and attacks the couple and I haven’t laughed so hard at a horror movie in years! Is an evil wig really what makes good horror these days?


But then we get to the ending where Mama takes the girls to the cliff to jump off but the couple ends up saving them, well, one of them. Good enough I guess? It was weird. The younger of the siblings decides she wants to be with Mama and she goes over the edge of the cliff to turn into moths. I get moths were a big thing in this movie but what?

Ok, this is what I didn’t get from this part. Yes Mama is supernatural so she can become moths whenever, whatever, but the little girl isn’t! She should be a bloody disfigured mess on the rocks not a butterfly gracefully landing on her sister’s shoulder. It was truly bizarre and I didn’t care for it. It didn’t make all that much sense to me and really deflated the whole movie.

And because of that weird ending that is mainly the only reason I wouldn’t watch this movie again. It was very flat and dull and the only good bit was the hair (but not for the right reasons). I would definitely recommend other horrors way before I’d suggest this one.

What did you think of Mama?

Until next time.

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