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Insidious: Chapter Three Review

I swear this film was utterly ridiculous and I am amazed they managed to pull out a fourth! How people are still engaged with this series of movies is beyond me.


Insidious Chapter Three follows a young girl called Quinn who’s mother has died. She finds Elise (because she’s basically the main character now right?) and talks to her about it. She’s told that her mother is trying to contact her and maybe Quinn should try and speak back to her. But an evil force comes through instead, in basically the form of Darth Vader, a creepy old man with a breathing problem.

She is haunted by this man until, well we’ve seen the other movies haven’t we? Well she’s haunted until Elise saves the day, how original. It seems all these stories are basically the same except with different characters getting haunted.

But it wasn’t the storyline that I found so ridiculous, more the fact that there are moments where Quinn is in a full body cast and is getting haunted and she’s there freaking out and stuff but with no escape. What on earth? I’m sorry but what level of extra is this? I get kids getting haunted and their parents not believing them. I get people getting possessed but full body casts and darth vader? Yeah, no, I draw the line.


I am very tired of this series now. Insidious was the first horror movie I saw in the cinema and to give it credit it was fantastic. Overtime however things have just become madder and madder and I cannot deal with it any longer. I’d be amazed if I even watch the fourth movie (honestly though, probably will, I love horror). 

James Wan, time to move on to your next endeavour.

What did you think of Chapter Three? 

Until next time.


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