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Big Mouth Season Two Review

Oh my god. I was so excited for this and it did not disappoint. I binge-watched the whole season the day it was released and I do not regret a second. You are not going to find a better way to explain sex ed or a more enjoyable or funny way of explaining it anywhere else. This is class!


Big Mouth continues to follow the same group of friends, except there’s a new girl in it now called Gena who has boobs. Wow, big whoop. Well it is to our young lads who honestly can’t think of anything else for most of the season, adding to the anger felt by Jessie towards them.

But there’s another new character in town: the Shame Wizard, a wizard who is there and is quite happy to bring up your worst qualities/your regrets to make you feel bad. Adding onto this we also stick our toes into the world of mental health, especially depression, and give some good insight into it.

But let’s go back to the Shame Wizard. We all have felt shame or regret in our lives, especially during our teenage years. Second guessing everything we say to people, how we act, how we dress, why that guy doesn’t like me etc. the list is endless. And the Shame Wizard is the perfect way to explain what this is to teenagers going through that feeling and knowing that sometimes what they’re into and what they do/say is ok. It looks into masturbating (especially for women) and going further than just kissing with a person you really like and how those things are wrong. But really they’re not and thankfully by the end the kids are able to realise this and feel proud of the choices they made because it made them happy.

It calls attention to the fact that slut shaming isn’t funny or good, that women can have control over their bodies and what they want to do with them, and that exploring your sexuality is ok and doesn’t automatically brand you as gay.

But there was also an episode where the boobs first ‘pop up’ so to speak. Jessie and Missy are feeling pretty down about the way they look (Missy especially) so they’re taken to a spa where you have to be naked and get to see all sorts of different women’s bodies and this tells them that it’s ok however they look. And this is a great message to kids. When I was a teen the internet porn craze was exploding so most girls assumed they needed big boobs and skinny waists and big bums and perfect skin to be desirable to guys yet overtime you realise these things really do not matter. If he loves you he’ll love you for all your different bits and so should you. If this was around when I was a teenager I definitely would’ve been far less insecure about how I looked and it would’ve done me a world of difference.

But finally, and my favourite episode, was the Planned Parenthood episode where they look at all the work Planned Parenthood do. They look at contraception, STI’s, abortions, just to name a few. It was utterly fantastic and was both enjoyable to watch and informative.

The contraception section was modelled after The Bachelor where a girl had to choose her perfect match out of different forms of contraception. When I was at school the only two options we really had were condoms or the pill and the others were very quickly glazed over. This episode properly delves into each contraceptive in a funny and informative way and is actually quite handy.

The scene about STI’s too, or the blue waffle as it was in this episode, was fantastic. It was funny to watch but finished with a good lesson and how you shouldn’t get caught up in things if you did possibly end up with an STI or whatever. It’s not something to hide away but something to be talked about and cured if need be. It also reiterates condoms again which cannot be talked about enough.

When I was in school all we got shown about STI’s were horrific pictures that left a bad taste in your mouth but there was no conversation on how to get rid of these infections or what to do next. Just, here’s what you get if you’re not safe, right time to move on. Thanks teachers.


Overall I do believe I enjoyed this season more than the first and it did move on to some more adult themes and things more 15/16 year olds (in my opinion) would need to know. I do believe this show should be shown in schools to help engage the students and learn more about their bodies and feelings during these times. It can be a scary place when you’re confused by everything so having something that is not only educational but also entertaining is a great way to break down these boundaries and let kids know they’re not alone.

What did you think of Big Mouth season two?

Until next time.

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