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Saw 3D Review

Saw 3D is basically just for the fans right? It kind of ties everything together, I guess, but is mainly about epic death sequences and finally seeing the reverse bear trap actually work.


In Saw 3D we meet a character named Bobby who is going about saying he’s been in a saw trap, even though he hasn’t, which ultimately ends him up in a Saw trap. Hoffman is on the run from the FBI but tells them if he gets Jill, John’s ex-wife and the woman who tried to kill him at the end of the last movie, the games will end.

But it’s Saw and the games don’t end and lots of people die. This was also hard to watch for me as it involved a lot of eye torture and gagging.

But in the end it’s not about Bobby, but about Hoffman who finally catches Jill and ties her to a chair while placing the reverse bear trap on her head. Her head blows up and we finally get to see what that trap does to its victims. And wow that’s brutal! I do wonder if it’s a quick death though. Surely once your head is blown to smithereens you’re out, but for the people who had their bodies sliced in half by saw blades, or neck twisted all the way round, surely that’s a more brutal and horrible way to go out? For Jill I get the horror as she is strapped down and has no way of escaping but if you’re trying to escape and you run out of time you just wait another second and boom, over and done with.

But that’s not it! Hoffman escapes but is cornered by a gang of people wearing pig masks, one being Doctor Gordon who has been helping John since the first movie because John sorted him a prosthetic leg. Aw, bro goals.


Seeing as this was supposed to be the end of Saw, did I think it was a good ending? I mean yeah it wrapped up a lot of stuff and gave the fans the gore they desired but it also felt a bit mismatched. Like Doctor Gordon just turned up to fix a possible plot hole, and everyone basically just dies off. It seems like a lot of work and movies for not a lot of pay off and I was kind of glad to see that part of the story end. Not only because it was a few years ago so it’s a bit dated with the quality and what we see in the film but it was just getting a bit too silly, too weird, and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

To think, we went from two guys trapped in a bathroom, to a convoluted storyline saturated with sidekick characters (some not revealed until literally the last second) hundreds of saw traps that just got more and more ridiculous as time went on, and a main bad guy that has been dead for half the series!

Saw is an interesting one and a series of movies I think everyone should try at least to sit through. It may not be your cup of tea but I think it can teach you a lot about gorey horror and how you don’t need a ridiculous budget to make a blockbuster movie.

What did you think of Saw 3D?

Until next time.

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