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Scary Movie 2 Review

With how good Scary Movie was it was good that the sequel was just as funny and engaging if a bit more gross and weird.


This one is set in a house and follows a group of students who are being haunted in various different ways. This movie parodies The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and The Amityville Horror just to name a few. I found, in my time of watching horrors, these were a bit more obscure and less known to me so while I still enjoyed the movie I feel (and do still feel) a lot of the references may go over my head as I do not know them very well. The best scene in this however is the opening. It never fails to make me cry laughing.

But the rest of the movie. Well it’s good, it’s fun, but it can drag a little. I feel this didn’t have the same punch as the original and there are times when I rewatch and feel like turning off as I know all of the best moments have already passed. The final act is very underwhelming and too serious for a parody film and I really don’t appreciate toilet humour.


Overall it’s still a good movie but not as good as the original. The references weren’t as obvious (in my eyes anyway), the cast was good but some were a bit meh (looking at you Malcolm in the Middle guy!) and it just didn’t wow me as much.

Maybe I just need to brush up more on my classic horror.

What did you think of Scary Movie 2?

Until next time.

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