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Scary Movie 4 Review

I’ll be honest, Scary Movie 4 is the one I have watched the least, not because it isn’t entertaining just because it didn’t thrill me as much as the others.


After absolutely loving Scary Movie 3 I did find this one hard to get into. There was a lot of build up and backstory and I found it hard to watch at times. Like instead of just being able to watch it with your friends you actually had to sit down and properly watch it to understand it all the way through.

This one parodies Saw, The Grudge, War of the Worlds, and The Village to name a few. And while The Village scene and Saw was very entertaining the rest weren’t as sensational. I found the War of the Worlds storyline to be good but wasn’t wow this is fantastic. It was parodied brilliantly and you could almost see it perfectly mirror the scenes but that doesn’t make it good. I feel when you parody something you take that thing and elevate it and make it obscene and over the top and the War of the Worlds part just wasn’t. The only real saving grace in this movie was Brenda, especially when she ends up with the Jigsaw doll, she makes these movies what they are and honestly they would not be the same without her.


While this is still a good movie in terms of its parodies it isn’t as funny or on the same level as the earlier ones and after the amazing film that was Scary Movie 3  it really was a tough act to follow.

I mean, it’s not as bad as Scary Movie 5, no where near, but the others are definitely higher on my re-watch list.

What did you think of Scary Movie 4?

Until next time.


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